Important!: Blower Motor Issue

Discussion in 'Garage' started by KoopaTroopaPatrol, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. KoopaTroopaPatrol

    KoopaTroopaPatrol New Member

    So my blower fan will not shut off when the engine is off. Key is out. No power whatsoever. It didn’t start until after a mechanic I took it to recommended that I replace the one that wasn’t working in the first place. Got the new one in the mail and now it never shuts off. So I’ve been living in this Vegas heat without ac. And it’s getting old.
    The only way I can get the fan to stop is by unplugging the battery (but then I can’t drive) or disconnecting the blower plug.

    What do I do? Replace it again? Or did anyone else have this issue and can give me the step by step to figuring it out?
  2. Khaos

    Khaos Bed Dent Club Founder

    After I swapped my motor, the second I hooked up the battery my blower would kick on no matter what I did.

    Rechecked all my grounds and the problem went away. Was their anything else they replaced that might have involved moving or removing a ground? Other than that check fuses and make sure no exposed wires are touching each other on the blower.
  3. dszx13

    dszx13 Well-Known Member

    Wonder if a wire was swapped while putting the new connector in.

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  4. Tim W

    Tim W power to teh people

    wire in a toggle switch in line with the blower

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