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Colyn. 2005 Crew Cab Build

Discussion in 'Under Construction' started by Colyn., Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Colyn.

    Colyn. Acrophobic

    Update since it's been nearly 3 years. Truck has been put up and sitting most of that time and has been messed up since Jan this year when I blew out the rear end and busted the housing so it's been a issue finding a empty housing since I have a TruTrac and all new gears and internals for it now. But now I'm getting a bunch of parts together and the truck bug has bit me again so a lot of upgrades should be coming in the upcoming months. I went and bought a Precision Industries 2800 stall converter and I need to order the Stage 3 BTR cam and some springs. Also going to order a 40k tru-cool trans cooler, Melling high volume oil pump and going to go ahead and swap out the water pump for a high volume and a new thermostat since the stock one has over 200k+ miles on it. Might as well swap out as much mechanical stuff that needs maintenance while tearing into the engine. I've found some headers also just been trying to figure out the rear end deal before I order a ton of other stuff. But I bought a rear end last night that turned out to be a 07-Up GM 8.6 but I got it for a steal so I will resell that and found a 02 GM 8.6 tonight with a busted G80 for $100 and pretty sure it has discs on it but not 100% yet. Will update once I go snatch it out. Need to order a transgo shift kit also just not sure if I want the HD2 or if they offer a better one now. Either way hopefully within the next few weeks it will be rolling around again and I can either let it go to paint shop or to the performance shop and one of them can get started. I missed my appt to have it painted when the rear end blew cause it was going in at the end of Jan. More updates soon....

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  2. DirtyBlackHoe

    DirtyBlackHoe Bun B, Baracca, Beezer

    Glad to see this thing is still around...Always loved this truck.
  3. Khaos

    Khaos Bed Dent Club Founder

    The 02 rear should be disc's. They switched to drum in 05 but I'm not sure if pre 05 was all disc or a mix.
  4. Silver04

    Silver04 DA04

    Friends 02 has drums.
  5. Huck

    Huck GSU Eagle

    Discs stayed up until 04 on the trucks, the switch happened for 05. Looking good, glad to see the truck getting some love
  6. Colyn.

    Colyn. Acrophobic

    Thanks guys and yeah im not sure what this guy has on his rear end but I'll find out. I have my old drums pulled and if I can find a nice brake kit I might do the swap to discs. Well see I'm more worried about just getting a rear end back under it so I can use it across the runway to the paint shop and let them get started on it while I collect up the rest of the performance stuff for this cam swap.

    So I guess new checklist as of now.

    1.) BTR Stage 3 Camshaft w/ Springs
    2.) 40k Tru-Cool Trans Cooler
    3.) 1 7/8" Stainless Headers w/ X-Pipe
    4.) Melling High Flow Oil Pump
    5.) Flo-Kooler High Flow Water Pump w/ 180 F° Thermostat and New Housing
    5.) Transgo HD2 Shift Kit

    Not sure if I need to change anything else out while I have it all torn apart but recommendations are welcome. I think I need to swap timing chains but I gotta research which one to get. Other than that though what other maintenance I should do? New plugs I'm sure though....

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  7. Silver04

    Silver04 DA04

    Head blots, push rods, lifters, balancer bolt, head gaskets, oil pump seal, timing cover gaskets, ls2 lifter trays are some of the things I can think of. Im sure im missing some stuff.
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  8. Colyn.

    Colyn. Acrophobic

    Finally getting around to getting this thing back moving... next is to the performance shop to have put everything in and gotta order some new drums and shoes. No need in everything else being brand

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